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The Rise of Hoverboard Fires

House fires can start any number of ways. As technology advances, the types of dangers we face increase, too. One of the newest ways that we need to be aware of: house fires caused by hoverboards or a hoverboard battery. A “hoverboard” is a self-balancing scooter. Though hoverboards may be great gift ideas for the holidays, these products intended for entertainment purposes, can cause irreparable damage.

Reports of property damage and personal injury have been linked to over 250 cases since hoverboards were popularized in 2015 according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. They have since recalled over 500,000 hoverboards from approximately 10 different manufacturers.

What do I do if my property has been damaged by a hoverboard fire?

  1. Record the model type, manufacturing company, and retailer of the hoverboard that caused the hoverboard fire.
  2. Take pictures and write down as many details as you can.
  3. Get eye witness statements and the witness’ contact information.
  4. Immediately report the incident to the police.
  5. Review your homeowner’s insurance policy to see if coverage is provided (a property damage attorney can do this for you).
  6. If you have any injuries from the hoverboard fire, seek medical attention and contact our experienced personal injury lawyers.
  7. Contact our property casualty lawyers for a free consultation by calling (504) 684-5200, if your property was damaged by a hoverboard house fire.

Why do the lithium-ion batteries found in hoverboards explode?

Fatal house fires have started because batteries were left alone to charge overnight. Some have even immediately started to sizzle and smoke upon plugging in. Lower quality batteries may malfunction and combust unexpectedly. Some of the companies selling hoverboards use non-certified batteries. The “heat build-up” that happens in the battery ignites the flammable electrolytes in the lithium-ion batteries causing them to overheat.

Safety Guidelines for Hoverboard Users

Studies are underway to determine exactly how dangerous hoverboards really are. We still don’t know the exact scope of the danger that we face when it comes to hoverboards. It is recommended to use them as instructed by the user manual, for example:

  • Do not charge hoverboards overnight or while unattended
  • If you do charge your hoverboard indoors, do not charge it near anything combustible
  • Keep a fire extinguisher near where you charge the hoverboard
  • Operate the hoverboard outdoors in wide open spaces and not in crowded areas
  • Remove the packaging plastic before charging or operating the hoverboard

You may be entitled to monetary compensation, if your property was damaged by a hoverboard or a hoverboard house fire. Our experienced property damage attorneys can guide you through the legal process of recovering your damages.

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