Our New Orleans Attorneys Give Back to the Community

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Scott, Vicknair, Hair & Checki, LLC has a strong commitment to bettering our local and the national community. We take a large amount of pro bono cases, typically on referral from mental health professionals, other legal professionals, or social service professionals.
We also regularly advocate for community-based non-profits seeking to effect systemic change. Above and beyond those things, SVHC also serves as sponsors of various charities, non-profits, and fundraisers. We believe that our success is attributable to the people that supported us and it is our honor to give back to the community.
Additionally, our lawyers sit on the Board of Directors of several non-profits including:

  • ♥ Boys and Girls Clubs of Southeast Louisiana, Inc.
  • ♥ Bywater Community Development Corporation
  • ♥ New Orleans Photo Alliance
  • ♥ Emerge Louisiana
  • ♥ WRBH
  • ♥ Komen New Orleans
  • ♥ Center for Human-Environmental Research
  • ♥ Dress for Success New Orleans
  • ♥ Access Louisiana
  • ♥ The Amanda Shaw Foundation
  • ♥ Ignite for Change

They are also regular members of the following organizations:

We have an incredibly strong background in supporting those that need assistance. We are always looking for new opportunities to stay involved in worthwhile causes.