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Lives change. Sometimes, a divorced or unmarried parent needs to change his or her residence, and with it, the residence of the minor child shared by the parties. This can often create a high-conflict situation, as the relocating parent may have no other choice, and the other parent fears that the physical distance from their child will create an emotional distance in that relationship.

Whether you are the parent proposing relocation or the parent who fears the other party’s relocation, the New Orleans family law lawyers at SVHC work to assist our clients in understanding their rights, especially in this complex and emotionally volatile situation. Our experienced team knows the steps that must be followed and when the law says those steps must be taken if you are seeking or objecting to a relocation or other modification. Our lawyers can file to protect your interests in court and aggressively seek an order from the judge that meets your goals.

Relocation Requires Written Notice in Louisiana

Under current Louisiana law, a parent who is seeking to relocate with his or her children at a distance of more than 75 miles within the state of Louisiana or anywhere outside the state must first give written notice to the other parent of the intent to relocate.

Please note the following regarding relocation notices:

  • This notice must include certain information and must be provided to the other parent in specific ways within a certain time prior to moving.
  • The notice requires significant advance planning and forethought.
  • Failure to give proper notice may result in losing your ability to relocate with the children.

Representation for Non-Relocating Parents

As a non-relocating party, you may have the right to object to the relocation. In many instances, an objecting parent does not actually want to block the move, but rather, wants assurances that his or her rights and access to the child will be preserved and fostered in a meaningful way. Whether this requires the court’s intervention or simply a written agreement between the parties, our New Orleans family lawyers may be able to help you reach a resolution.

The attorneys of SVHC represent parties on either side of a relocation request. For parents seeking to move, we can help ensure that your written notice complies with current Louisiana law. For the potentially left-behind parents, we provide quick, responsive representation by filing a suit to preserve your right to object.

If you have questions about child relocation or any other family law issue, give us a call. Our lawyers offer consultations in person, by telephone, and through online media.

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