Family Law Modifications

Modifying Family Law Court Orders in New Orleans, LA

Sometimes, a change in circumstances necessitates a modification of court orders for child support, child custody and visitation, and/or spousal support. In Louisiana, the law provides for obligations to be increased or decreased under certain circumstances. If you are seeking a modification in Louisiana, you will need the counsel of an experienced New Orleans family law attorney who can guide you through the process.

Some of the modifications frequently requested in Louisiana include:

  • Modifying child support obligations
  • Modifying child custody orders
  • Modifying the amount of alimony provided
  • Modifying payment designations (such as who will pay for college, etc.)
  • Revoking custody or visitation due to domestic violence

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Modifying Child Support in Louisiana

Child support agreements are made based on both parents’ set of circumstances at the time the order is made. Many different elements are considered, including both parents’ income, living arrangements, relationship with the child or children, and much more. But circumstances can and do change. A job loss, a substantial change in income, a new medical condition, or another life event may make it necessary to revise the original support order.

Child support modifications must be requested via the court system. Even if both parents agree to the change, the court must provide final approval. Child support modifications can be either temporary or permanent. For example, a medical emergency suffered by the child may warrant a temporary increase in your child support obligation. Ultimately, the final decision will be based on whatever the court feels is in the child’s best interests.

Whether you are seeking to reduce your child support obligation or are a receiving parent who needs help with enforcement actions against your son or daughter’s other parent, Scott, Vicknair, Hair & Checki, LLC can help. Call our firm if:

  • You are the paying parent and are seeking to reduce your support obligation due to a reduction or loss of income, an unexpected illness, or another life event resulting in a substantial change in income
  • You are a paying parent seeking to oppose a request to increase child support
  • You are a receiving parent seeking to increase your support obligation due to changes in the custody arrangement, an increase in the child’s financial needs, or an increase in the other parent’s income
  • You are a receiving parent seeking help with enforcement actions against your son or daughter’s other parent

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