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Are you considering mediation as an alternative to going to trial? If you are involved in virtually any civil (non-criminal) litigation matter, mediation may be able to help you reduce your legal expenses, avoid needless delays, keep the peace, and reach a satisfactory solution. Through this process, you can avoid the formal court setting and instead work with a neutral third party—the mediator—who facilitates negotiations between all parties and their attorneys.

Our New Orleans mediation lawyers come from diverse backgrounds and collaborate on a wide range of legal matters. Whatever civil case you need to resolve, we have the experience and insight you need. We are ready to listen to your goals, facilitate positive negotiations, and craft a settlement that fully addresses your needs.

You Can Save Time & Money with Mediation

What are some of the benefits from going through the mediation process?

  • Decision-making power: Instead of leaving it to a court to determine your future, mediation allows you to have a say in the final settlement.
  • Defused conflict: While trials can lead to heated disputes, mediation is an amicable process by design. Certified mediators and mediation attorneys are highly trained in conflict resolution and can help ensure that mediation remains respectful from start to finish.
  • Expedited proceedings: While in litigation there can be weeks or even months between various court hearings, mediation generally lasts no more than a few weeks.
  • Reduced cost: As mediation takes place outside of court and is also faster than litigation, there are far fewer legal costs involved.
  • Custom-tailored solutions: As mediation isn’t as formal as litigation, you can have freer reign to negotiate a settlement that better fits you and your unique needs.
  • Confidentiality: While trials go on the public record, mediation rarely is. The details of your case can remain private and away from public view.

If you’re ready to discuss the potential benefits of mediation for your specific case, we encourage you to speak with a lawyer from our firm at your earliest convenience. Well-versed in mediation, our law firm is known for helping clients reach creative, forward-looking solutions.

As we also handle litigation in a wide range of civil cases, we are also prepared to continue with your case if only a partial settlement is reached through mediation. Whatever representation you need, our legal advocates are equipped with the resources, insight, and skill to protect your rights and your interests.

Discover if mediation can help you when you call (504) 684-5200 or email us to discuss your case with a New Orleans mediation lawyer.


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