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Each month, you pay your insurance providers a premium that covers your most valuable assets - your home and property. In exchange for these premiums, your insurance providers promise to disburse payouts in the event that catastrophic damage threatens or captures these assets, if the event is in line with the conditions of your agreement.

All too often, these insurance providers use unethical and illegal tactics to withhold these payouts and disenfranchised citizens are left to scramble and try to manage without these payouts that are owed to them. When this happens, you are not alone. Our property and casualty insurance attorneys are here to help. We’ll righteously confront your insurance provider and demand what is rightfully yours. 

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Understanding Property & Casualty Insurance

While homeowners insurance and car insurance tend to be the most common, specialized insurance also exist for things like golf carts, boats, rental properties, and so on. What these policies usually do is cover your property in the event that it’s damaged or destroyed. However, liability insurance on these policies is also very common, which covers you in the event that these assets cause exterior damage to another party or another piece of property.

Most property and casualty insurance policies cover you in the following events:

Insurance policies will vary, and it’s important that you understand which events are covered and which are not before you enter into a policy. This allows you to take the necessary precautions to guard against an event that might leave you without coverage – on your own, so to speak.

Hiring Your Legal Protection

When insurance companies fail to cover the events and damages that they agreed to cover, it is known as bad faith insurance. This is a group of tactics aimed to protect their own finances. Insurance companies can be heavy hitters, and fighting them alone is not advised.

Call (504) 684-5200 or email us at to Contact our New Orleans property and casualty attorneys at SVHC. We’ll identify wrong doing on the part of your insurance company, and demand your financial justice.


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