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In Louisiana, child support is a formula-based determination that relies heavily on the gross incomes of the parties and the number of children involved, but there are exceptions to the rule. Sometimes other factors may be involved. Often, retaining an experienced lawyer is vital to understanding what to expect when it comes to child support and how to affect the outcome.

The attorneys at SVHC can assist with your child support rights and obligations, whether you are the parent expected to pay support or expecting to receive support.

We can also help predict potential child support when other factors affect the basic child support obligation, such as:

  • Second families
  • Health insurance
  • School tuition
  • Extracurricular activities

I Already Have a Child Support Order. What If I Need To Change It?

Before a court can change the amount of child support due, it must be shown that there was a material change of circumstances or that one parent’s income or expenses dropped or rose significantly. In today’s economy, many people have suffered job loss or a reduction in pay through no fault of their own and need temporary relief from child support. Under these circumstances, we may be able to have your support order modified.

My Ex Stopped Paying Child Support? What Do I Do Now?

Often, people simply stop paying or reduce payments on their own. Failure to pay child support can lead to contempt charges. This can end in wage garnishment, tax refunds being withheld, driver’s licenses being revoked, and even jail time. Louisiana takes child support and the child’s best interests very seriously. Our New Orleans family attorneys are ready to help you whether you are owe delinquent child support payments or your ex has stopped paying and you need to get support again.

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