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Even under the best of circumstances, bringing an action to disavow paternity of a child can be one of the most stressful events in the life of the legal father of a child. The good news is that you don't have to take on all that stress by yourself, or risk making mistakes or miss out on opportunities to secure better outcomes.

The key is to find an experienced New Orleans family lawyer you feel comfortable with and to start working with him/her on your disavowal as early on in the process as possible. At SVHC, we minimize the stress of getting a disavowal or defending against one by making sure our clients understand the legal issues and process, and by keeping each client fully informed from start to finish.

My Name is on the birth certificate, but I'm not the dad. Am I stuck?

An action for disavowal is most often brought by the legal father of a child within certain time periods if he believes the child is not biologically his. In many instances, this is done to relieve the father of a child support obligation. One of the key factors to obtaining a disavowal is acting quickly. After a certain amount of time, your obligations as a father will become permanent - even if the child is not biologically yours.

Usually, a DNA test will be performed in order to establish parental responsibility and child support obligations. DNA testing can often resolve any dispute over who is the biological father of a child.

In the alternative, if you believe you are the father of the child, DNA testing may establish paternity in litigation involving:

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