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When Insurance Companies Fail to Honor the Terms of Your Policy 

As New Orleans policyholders, we  faithfully pay our premiums in order to ensure that we are protected in the event of a loss involving our homes, businesses and other insured property. In return, we have the right to expect that the insurance company will be there to provide the financial support and other services we need following the loss.

Many New Orleans policyholders are learning that their insurance companies are much more content to collect premiums than they are to pay out claims. They are quick to deny even the most clearly legitimate claims in hopes that the policyholders will accept their decisions without question and absorb the loss themselves. Our New Orleans bad faith insurance claim attorneys fight these attempts to restrict payment on insurance claims.

Working To Protect Policyholders’ Rights

At SVHC, our attorneys represent clients throughout Louisiana in a wide array of bad faith insurance claims. We understand the insurance company’s duty to you, and we work hard to see that your interests are protected. We are highly skilled in reviewing policy terms and building a strong argument in support of your position for coverage or protection against a bad faith insurance claim.

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We represent clients in all types of these cases, including:

  • Coverage disputes
  • Wrongful denial of a claim
  • Unreasonable delays in paying a legitimate claim
  • Failure to defend a claim against you

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We offer a free initial consultation in every insurance bad faith case. Please contact our office to discuss your case with a dedicated Louisiana lawyer at SVHC New Orleans. Call us at  800.691.5310  or send us a message online to get started. We look forward to serving you and helping you achieve a just outcome for your bad faith insurance claim.

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