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People purchase life insurance to provide benefits for loved ones should they pass away. When someone passes away, family members seek to rely on these benefits to settle debts, cover expenses, and more. When a life insurance company denies a claim for any reason, the effects on an already grieving family can be devastating. Fortunately, the life insurance attorneys at SVHC Law in Louisiana are ready to fight for your rights.

To maximize profits, life insurance companies collect premiums and then avoid paying claims whenever possible. They have many tactics to restrict or deny claims, some of which may involve practices or bad faith that violates Louisiana insurance laws. The following are some signs that a claim may not go smoothly:

  • The policy was purchased recently
  • The face value of the policy is substantial
  • The policy is with a lower-tier or smaller insurance company
  • The cause of death is not completely clear

Establishing that you are entitled to benefits or appealing a life insurance denial can be extremely complicated and frustrating. If any of the above scenarios apply to your situation, do not wait until you get denied to call a lawyer - call right away before you even file a claim. It is important to realize that hiring an attorney will not cost anything up front and we only collect fees if we successfully recover benefits for you.

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After the death of a loved one, you already have enough to worry about without stressing about life insurance claims and benefits. Let our life insurance claim lawyers at SVHC Law help you get the benefits to which you are legally entitled. Call us at 800.691.5310 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation to learn about how we can assist you.


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