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Protecting the Rights of Property Insurance Policyholders in Louisiana

Repairs can be costly when your home or business in New Orleans incurs property damage. Insurance claims can be daunting, and you expect your property insurer to help. However, the claim process can be more challenging than most people imagine, and any mistakes can leave you responsible for repair expenses. Whether you have a relatively small or large property damage claim, you should first discuss the matter with our experienced Louisiana property insurance lawyers.

In New Orleans, property damage and insurance claims can arise from many different circumstances, including:

  • Water damage
  • Sewer damage
  • Hurricanes
  • Flooding
  • Fires
  • Construction defects
  • Rain and hail storms
  • Lightning
  • Trees
  • Vandalism
  • Theft

You should always have an experienced attorney review your policy to be sure you have the coverage you need should one of the above events occur and cause serious property damage.

Representing Your Rights

As a policyholder who pays premiums, you have certain rights under Louisiana insurance laws. Unfortunately, many insurance companies take advantage of policyholders who are unaware of their rights. Companies will not hesitate to minimize your property damage, make highly inadequate settlement offers, cause unnecessary delays, or wrongfully deny your claim altogether. In the meantime, you are dealing with a damaged home or the bills for repairs.

Our New Orleans property insurance attorneys regularly help with the following and more:

  • Determining the costs of repair or losses
  • Preparing your claim
  • Communicating with your insurance adjuster
  • Reviewing all settlement offers
  • Negotiating the offer you deserve
  • Filing bad faith claims

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Having a knowledgeable property insurance lawyer on your side can often prevent delays and complications during the claim process. The legal team at SVHC Law handles a wide variety of property damage and insurance claims, so please do not wait to call 800.691.5310 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation today.


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