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Many people rely on their vehicles to get them to work and transport themselves and their families to various obligations. When you walk outside and realize that someone stole your car, you may be devastated and may not know where to turn. In this situation, stay calm and know the Louisiana vehicle theft insurance lawyers at SVHC Law are ready to help.

After a Car Theft

The first thing you should do after a car theft is to immediately call the police. You need a police report to reflect that someone stole your car for a subsequent insurance claim. You should then work with our attorneys to prepare and file a claim under your comprehensive auto insurance policy.

When you pay for comprehensive coverage, you expect the company will pay for the loss of a stolen vehicle or repairs if the police find your vehicle damaged. However, insurance companies can make stolen car claims difficult. They often assign your case to a special investigations unit, which will look into whether your claim involves any type of fraud. The adjuster may also request substantial documents and information from you, with which you should cooperate when possible.

Our attorneys can help you navigate the insurance process and avoid wrongful delays and denials. We will stand up for your rights as the victim of car theft and work to obtain the full amount you deserve for repairs or for the actual cash value of your vehicle if it is a total loss.

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At SVHC Law, our insurance claim attorneys know can help you when you are facing a difficult and stressful situation. Call us at 800.691.5310 or contact us online to schedule your free consultation to learn about how we can assist you.


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