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Of all the corruption and acts of mistreatment, we consider bad faith insurance tactics to be chief among them. You pay diligently into your policy, knowing that you are doing the right thing by protecting your family and your home in New Orleans against flood damage, but your insurance company withholds what are you are owed when you absolutely need financial support the most. This is illegal, and our New Orleans flood damage insurance attorneys work to prevent it.

At SVHC of Louisiana, we fight for our clients against insurance companies who wrongfully dodge coverage of the possessions we hold most valuable. The second your insurance company looks as though it is going to fully or partially deny coverage, act immediately into obtaining representation. Our team will protect your interests every step of the way.

Flood Damage versus Water Damage

Insurance companies make a strict point to differentiate these two, and perhaps for good reason. Water damage refers to commonplace water accidents in the home: broken pipes, appliance leaks, clogged toilets, and the like. In New Orleans, flood damage refers to water damage caused by a natural flood: heavy rain storm, public water incident, hurricane, etc.

The differences between these two will make an impact on your case, as some policies cover one and not the other. Additionally, flood damage tends to be more complete, more destructive, whereas water damage tends to affect only a small area of the home. 


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Frequently Used Bad Faith Tactics

Insurance companies are notorious for attempting to utilize loopholes to avoid paying out. The moment you run into this problem, contact one of SVHC's qualified New Orleans bad faith flood damage insurance attorneys. In dealing with them yourself, they may lead you down a chain of events that confuses you and voids our attempts to recover your disbursement.

Contact a New Orleans property damage attorney if you experience the following:

  • Deliberate delaying of the investigation
  • Claiming the damage was caused by another force
  • Claiming your home had existing damage
  • Deliberate delaying of your payments
  • Intentional shortchanging or misrepresentation of the coverage needed
  • Manipulation of the evidence during investigation

What You Can Do to Avoid Bad Faith

In addition to calling an attorney to handle the insurance companies for you, there a few things you can always do in the event that your home or automobiles experience flood damage.

Keep a record of all of the following items:

  • Your interactions with the insurance agency
  • Pictures of the damage in contrast to before the damage
  • Invoices, appraisals, repairs, quotes
  • The original terms of your insurance policy

If you believe yourself to be the victim of bad faith insurance tactics in the event of flood damage, call  or email one of our New Orleans property damage lawyers today at 800.691.5310. Starting with a free consultation, we will put together a strategy designed to recover your disbursement and then some.


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