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It’s no secret that our humble hometown of New Orleans is a hot bed for hurricanes and tropical storms. Even the last 15 years or so alone have given us billions of dollars in property damage, prompting the practical rebuilding of our city more than once. As frequent, almost as predictable as they may be, you still require your insurance disbursement to reconstruct your home and begin putting your life back together.

When these rights are denied of you because of bad faith insurance tactics, the fight is not over. With the help of our dedicated New Orleans property damage attorneys, we can confront your insurance provider, demand what is rightfully yours, and you can finally begin to move forward.

Combating Bad Faith Insurance Practices

When insurance providers search for loopholes and technicalities that get them out of covering your damage, it’s known as bad faith, and it’s illegal. Insurance companies will increase their bad faith practices the more homes are damaged. With a large storm, they try to avoid paying for all of the damage, keeping it down to the few that they know they will have to cover. Our New Orleans bad faith insurance attorneys can help in this situation.

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We’ll help the insurance companies honor your agreement if any of these sound familiar:

  • “Your damage was caused by wind or water, not the hurricane itself.”
  • “Your home possessed existing damage that made it prone to collapse.”
  • Purposeful delays in your coverage
  • Purposefully negligent or sporadic investigation
  • Low estimates that will not allow you to repair your property

In many circles, this is known quite frankly as fraud. Your insurance companies are deliberately withholding the finances that they promise in your agreement and in exchange for your monthly premiums. If you need to pay them, they need to pay you when the conditions call for it.

Our New Orleans property damage lawyers have dedicated much of their careers to standing up for homeowners experiencing these wrongful tactics. Give us a call or email today at 800.691.5310  put a stop to this, beginning with your free case evaluation.


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