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Handling Claims for Sewer Backups and Broken Sewer Lines in Louisiana

Not only can sewer problems be disgusting, but they can also be extremely hazardous to the health of you, your family, or your coworkers. Wastewater carries a tremendous amount of bacteria and can be difficult and costly to clean up. In addition, buildings that are in historic neighborhoods or areas prone to heavy rain or flooding have a particularly high risk of sewer backups. Many people in Louisiana experience regular sewer backups, as well as severe property damage and diminished property value.

For this reason, home and business owners in Louisiana should be prepared and should know who to call. Our insurance claim attorneys regularly assist with a range of homeowner insurance claims, including those for sewer damage.

Sewer Coverage and Claims

The best way to ensure you are covered for sewer damage is to plan ahead. Almost all standard homeowner policies specifically do not cover sewer damage. Instead, you have to purchase insurance riders, which can be for each of the following:

  • Cleaning up sewer backups
  • Repairing broken sewer lines

It is wise for many Louisianans to purchase these riders to make sure they have coverage should sewer damage occur.

When you file a claim, it is important to identify the exact cause of the sewer damage, as well as calculate the full amount of damage that resulted. Insurers will deny claims for certain sewer damage causes and can restrict payment by minimizing the damage to your home. Having the right legal representation protecting your rights as a policyholder can often improve the outcome of your sewer damage claim.

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