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Unfortunately, many insurance providers are not as reliable or trustworthy as they expect their policyholders to be. You pay on time every month, but they look for glitches in the system through which to deny your coverage in the event of a natural disaster causing damage to your home.

Not only is this clearly unethical, it is illegal, and our team of New Orleans bad faith insurance attorneys will help you prove this. If it can be determined that your provider indeed participated in bad faith tactics, they could be liable for up to twice the amount of original damages plus attorneys’ fees.

Understanding Bad Faith

Bad faith is the legal term used to define misleading or dishonest tactics by insurance companies to avoid paying their policy holders. Providers use these tactics to save their own wallets and often get away with it because they don’t expect their policy holders to know how to fight back.

Some examples of bad faith insurance tactics include:

  • Deliberate delay of an investigation into your damages
  • Deliberate delay of your disbursement
  • Misrepresenting the amount of coverage needed
  • Deliberate confusing of the damage’s cause
  • Intentionally low estimates

Each of these tactics can be proven as fraud, which would leave your insurance company to pay you considerably more than was originally needed. For example, if your home required $50,000 in damages, but bad faith was proven, you may be entitled to an additional $100,000 on top of the amount paid for damages plus attorneys’ fees. If your insurance company attempts to do this, it’s important that you act fast. 


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Legal Representation in Opposition of Your Insurance Provider

While you may not expect that your insurance company will try and leave you high and dry, it’s important that you recognize their attempts as soon as possible and contact a New Orleans property damage attorney. Once we intervene, we can help you assess your policy, prove damages, and prove the liability of your insurance company, getting you headed back in the right direction.

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